About Us

Our Mission:

To provide small businesses with the resources they need to succeed.


Founded by Richard Huett on the 2nd November 2011, Small Businesses Resources has attracted many business owners and entrepreneurs looking for advice and support.

The website is a free online service providing advertising, printing and website design to business owners from the UK and around the world. Rapid growth, loyal customers and an ethical approach has allowed the website to evolve and develop into a business, but that wasn’t always the case as Richard Huett explains.

“It originally started as a project at University. I was studying Business at The University of Chichester and as part of my degree I had to select a module for the next semester. I can’t remember all the options available at the time, but I was interested in website design so opted for the “Improving Web Design and Performance” module. I really enjoyed it and learnt many webmaster skills, simple things like the importance of H1 and H2 tags and how to implement an external cascading style sheet, I loved it! A couple of weeks later I purchased the domain name and Small Businesses Resources was born.”

With an increasing number of people using the website the business has continued to grow. More and more business owners are adding their company details to the business index, purchasing products and services and following the various social media platforms that Small Businesses Resources operates from.

Small Businesses Resources staff pride themselves on providing a quality, efficient and personal service, one that you would expect to receive from a much larger organisation. Keeping customers happy and “in the loop” is a big part of the Small Businesses Resources ethos, and it works! Customers are already singing their praises. One business owner saying “I cannot speak highly enough about Richard. Helpful, friendly, professional, easy to work with, and always on hand to help, even after the job is done.”

The forecast for Small Businesses Resources looks promising. The interest shown by business owners could potentially position Small Businesses Resources as a contender against the larger organisations within the market. The company will continue to help businesses succeed by providing up to date business information, a range of products and services and further the expansion of the Small Businesses Resources community.

Kind regards,
Richard Huett
Richard Huett